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The resistance offered on the DeskCycle is pretty significant. It has 8 settings that are factory calibrated to offer as much or as little resistance as most people would want.

Because it is magnetic the DeskCycle works smoothly and quietly. The magnetic system also ensures smooth operation so you can easily work while you pedal.

The display is easy to read and has several settings for tracking the number of miles or speed. Using the numbers calories burned can be calculated.

Advantages of the DeskCycle

Sitting all day has been proven to be very hard on a person. The identification of sitting disease causes concern with people who have to sit to earn a living. By adding intermittent exercise throughout the workday to keep the blood moving is beneficial.

One time the idea of 30 minutes a day fitness was enough. Studies now suggest that an end-of-the-day workout isn’t enough to combat the damage of sitting for log periods of time.

The cost of treadmill desks is prohibitive to many folks but a small desk cycle to use at your existing desk if very affordable. The DeskCycle is small enough not to get in the way too. A nice solution.

The DeskCycle is top quality.


DeskCycle for Health

Pedal daily and all day to keep the blood pumping to your heart and all through your body. Your heart will get a cardio workout from this compact machine while you answer email and accomplish daily tasks.

Most people don’t even have the time to try and fit a workout in before or after work. Finding the time to exercise can be difficult when there are responsibilities at home and work. managing to bring movement into the workplace will help with the need to exercise.

The quality of the DeskCycle means it is sturdier than the others. This also means it is heavier too, but that isn’t a bad thing. That makes it durable and still light enough to be portable.

Because it is so durable you can buy it to share with your work buddy.


The quiet operation will allow you to keep moving without making noise. No one needs to know what you have going on under the desk. This simple pedalling isn’t the same as hitting the Tour de France but it sure will make a difference in how your legs will feel at the end of the day. Some people actually credit their pedalling at work for developing the desire to hit the gym after.

Good fitness habits encourage more fitness habits.

The profile of the DeskCycle is the lowest on the market. At only 10” it will fit under most desks. If you have a lower desk or a keyboard in the way you have another option of adding a lower front leg to it.

The Display has five functions that will scan from one to the other or you can select which one to have it set on. These choices are to help set the amount of time, or distance, number of revolutions etc. Using the display you can have competitions with your workmates or generally calculate calories burned. Use it to set distance goals too.

You can even tone up your legs and abs. By sitting up and pedalling you engage the core muscles which help to tone the stomach muscles.

Become more alert while working and increase the “feel good” chemicals in the brain to help improve mood and performance.

Dimensions: Front leg: 24" wide / rear leg: 10” wide / pedal height: 10”

Weight: 24.5 lb

Display: scan function will sequence through - time while pedaling (shuts off after 4 sec) pedal speed, distance.

Resistance: Magnetic with heavy fly wheel and 8 levels using selector knob

Resistance Range: 12 - 130 Watts at 60 RPM / 28 - 394 Watts at 120 RPM